Be The Change

SCAD tackles Smart City problems

The Indian government is seeking to apply Smart City principles to the country’s growth, but a first priority must be to tackle water shortages. For over three decades an innovative  not for profit group SCAD (Social Change and Development) has been working with villages and womens’ groups to empower the excluded in Tamil Nadu.

The short film (11 minutes) Be The Change is a further step  to improve the quality of life for people from the the Southern part of Tamil Nadu. The film shows the work of female students at some of SCAD’s higher education colleges to tackle declining water quality as a result of businesses and people polluting  the main river that runs from the Western Ghats on which so much rural life depends.

6 groups competed for an Award by examining the causes of water pollution and coming up with poster campaigns to change behaviour. Presenting largely in English, the film shows the success of SCAD’s educational programmes, and should bolster efforts to tackle the loss of ground water and the causes of ill-health. Support for the British charity AidCamp will be channelled into practical projects.

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