The SCAD Eco-Houses

View the 7 innovations the Eco-Houses will aim to achieve.


ICT links and phonelines to make communication and distance learning easier, as well as maximising use of public transport, walking and cycling.

Sustainable water solutions

Sanitation measures to minimise unnecessary water consumption while also improving health, for example through drawing water from restored local ‘tanks’ , and processing waste products in line with current sustainable technologies.

Incremental housing

Plots that enable subsequent extensions and improvements, including space for ‘kitchen gardens’ for healthier living, and lots of trees for natural cooling to avoid the need for air conditioning.

Designing in context

Designs that respond to the locality such as houses in rows or around courtyards, with space for contemporary needs such as domestic toilets, waste disposal and recycling.

Reused + recycled materials

Construction out of reused and recycled materials, and that explore the potential for using natural materials, such as ‘rammed earth’ or Hempcrete.

Sustainable energy solutions

Use of 12/24 volt electricity from solar panels with mini grids and battery storage, and natural ventilation and insulation to reduce dependence on an unreliable electricity grid.


Working together for the common and long term good.

illustration by Jonah Rudlin

SURGe has been funded and supported by the URBED Trust, a newly created foundation awaiting charitable status with the goals of promoting research and the discussion of cities, urban regeneration, and urbanism. The Trust’s main aims are to promote research into city development across the world, and to act as a forum for debate and discussion.

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